I am an assistant/working student for Courtney King-Dye. I love the art of training horses. I love that every ride brings a new set of questions to be answered. I love the way God uses these gracious creatures to teach larger life lessons. I love that there’s always a new challenge for the day and more to be learned. I love the way riding requires thoughtfulness with a simultaneously quiet mind and spirit. I love the perfect honesty horses give and require from us. Basically I’m one of those crazy horse girls just trying to soak in these many life lessons and in the sweat and busyness of it all realizing the reality that this life is a dream come true.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Koryn,

    I have never met you, but loved reading all you have written so far. I have ridden for 42 years (it has flown by) and still can’t wait to get on and ride (dressage). I have trained a couple of less talented dressage horses with the help of a very kind and incredibly knowledgeable instructor. Two of my horses are now in heaven and I find myself with a new horse. Every time I ride him I am in awe of his gifts. He is not very trained yet, but has some talent and loves dressage. We have so much fun together and I appreciate him immensely. He is crazy straight for his level of training and uses his hind end well. I can really identify with your “butt” thinking and the giggling! At times during our rides I find myself saying wow (in my head) over and over. He is a gem. I think your descriptions will help improve our transitions and everything. Thank you!

    Courtney is truly amazing in every way and I have been a fan for a long time. Now I can look forward to learning from you because you have chosen to share your experiences.

    Thank You!

  2. I just discovered your blog today and am looking forward to reading all of it in closer detail when I have a bit more time. I myself am a 38 year old who started riding (and my dressage journey 2.5 years ago.) There is so much too learn; I wish I had started ages ago, but failing that, am doing the best I can to cram it all. Love your insightful posts.

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